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Primarily serving a tri-state area (SC, NC, GA), artist Scott Cunningham has worked with clients up and down the Eastern Seaboard as aestech enterprises.

After college and a year in Lausanne, Switzerland, Cunningham began his commercial art career in the field of Architectural Illustration. Later his skill and experience expanded to include Graphic Art & Design, Technical Drawing, and Website Design & Development.

His abilities have grown with the computer industry. Fully subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud, he has access to the current versions of every application in that software suite.


In a commercial setting, the Artist uses his creativity and technical know-how to craft a presentation of the Client's ideas that reflects the genius of the featured product or service.

By combining current and traditional technologies, and by staging client needs within an appropriate aesthetic context, aestech enterprises achieves its overarching goal of client satisfaction.


architectural & technical illustration

graphic art & design

website design & development

art consultation & installation

museum display design & curation

exhibition project management



Flexible working methods allow for either remote or
en charette sessions with the client.

aestech enterprises is part of a network of professionals in allied fields from which teams can be assembled to address specific project needs.